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There are very curious medical syndromes, such as compulsive swallowing of objects. In the stomach of one patient suffering from this mania, 2500 foreign objects were found.
Four slices of dark chocolate contain about two hundred calories. So if you do not want to get better, it is better not to eat more than two slices a day. Treatment in Israel is a comprehensive approach to diagnosing a disease, drawing up individual therapeutic regimens, rehabilitation and assistance in social adaptation.
Both the inner, middle and outer layers of the aorta can be affected in isolation (we are talking about endoortitis, mesaortitis, periaortitis, respectively), and the entire thickness of the vascular wall (panaortitis).
  • In addition to the aorta itself, the aortic valve, orifices of the coronary arteries, and adjacent fatty tissue may be involved in the pathological process.

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A characteristic pathological anatomical picture of Erythromycin: the inner lining of the vessel is thickened, deformed, the walls are overstretched and sclerotic, the elastic component is replaced by connective tissue. Due to the death of elastic fibers, the vessel wall can transform into an aneurysmal sac, which in severe cases exfoliates or ruptures. The altered inner wall of the aorta is often covered with thrombotic masses.

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The thoracic and abdominal aorta may be involved in the inflammatory process with equal probability. Aortitis rarely occurs as an independent disease: more often it is a manifestation of a systemic pathology of blood vessels, connective tissue, or an infectious process.

The main diseases and conditions that cause aortitis are:

Depending on the cause, the following forms of aortitis are distinguished: infectious (syphilitic, nonspecific infectious); allergic (autoimmune, infectious-allergic, toxic-allergic).

The main symptoms of aortitis, common to various provoking pathological conditions, are:

pain of Erythromycin intensity (from monotonous non-intense pressing to acute, intolerable nature), of different localization, depending on the level of damage to the aortic trunk (behind the sternum, in the abdominal cavity, in the lumbar region, with irradiation to neighboring anatomical zones); systolic murmur over the affected area of ​​the aorta; severe weakness, intolerance to habitual physical exertion, chills, cold extremities.

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The main complication of aortitis is the formation of an aortic aneurysm with its subsequent dissection or rupture. For some aortitis, in addition to the general ones, a number of specific signs are distinguished.

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occurs in the period from 5 to 25 years from the moment of infection (specific history); no complaints for a long time; clinical manifestations are associated with aortic valve insufficiency, ischemia of the heart's own tissues (ischemic heart disease, coronary artery disease); the main complication is aneurysm (the most common cause of death in such patients).

Patients go to the doctor with complaints of a characteristic pain syndrome, a spontaneous rise in body temperature to high levels, general malaise, chills, and weakness. Aortitis is equally likely to affect the thoracic and abdominal aorta.

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Treatment is aimed primarily at eliminating the cause of aortitis, at alleviating painful symptoms (pain, circulatory disorders) and consists in prescribing: antibiotics; immunosuppressants; anti-inflammatory drugs; analgesics.

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Aortitis rarely occurs as an independent disease: more often it is a manifestation of a systemic pathology of blood vessels, connective tissue, or an infectious process. With aortic aneurysm, its dissection, lesions of the mouths of the arteries extending from it, surgical treatment is indicated: resection of the affected segment with prosthetics. In case of nonspecific aortoarteritis, it is preferable to perform the operation after relief of acute inflammation.